Ecstatic what?!

Ecstatic Dance provides an escape from this whirlwind called life, creating a space where the only focus is the connection between body, mind, and music.

As a form of self-care, it allows us all to disconnect from (work-related) pressures and spend time nurturing our wellbeing.

Regularly participating in Ecstatic Dance sessions can provide a sense of equilibrium and promote life!

On Sundays, bi-weekly, we FUNK in the HOUSE OF PONG! 🏓

Are you new to this? Don’t worry. We got YOU!


Natural Ecstasy

Avoiding booze and drugs in ecstatic dance preserves the practice’s purity and focus on natural states of consciousness.

It ensures that you can authentically explore your emotions, sensations, and energies, fostering a safe, clear-minded environment for self-expression, personal growth, and connection with others.

Body Language

Not talking during dance preserves the non-verbal, meditative essence of the experience.

It fosters a deeper connection with music, body, and emotions, creating a respectful, distraction-free atmosphere for self-expression and inner exploration, central to practices of ecstatic dance.

Bare feet

Dancing barefoot in ecstatic dance amplifies sensory connection, enabling a profound, uninhibited experience.

It roots dancers to the earth, enhancing their groundedness, embodiment, and freedom of expression, key elements in the transformative and liberating nature of ecstatic dance.



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House of Pong

Every Sunday there’s FREE parking at the House of Ping (*official name 🙃)!

For those who want to connect after the dance. Feel free to play a game of ping pong 🏓 have a drink or enjoy the food from Pong’s kitchen, Karma Kebab.

And when you’ve danced in silence for two hours, there is a karaoke booth to give your vocal cords a well-deserved workout as well. 🤓

Are you ready to dive deep?

Ready to dive deep in to a journey of self-discovery, connection, and pure, unadulterated dance? 🤿

Let the rhythm move your soul! 💫

Let's dance